Education – For institutions and organizations of further and higher education and educational exchange organizations.

star_empty_smallDevelopment of special and individual internship programs for universities, including ECTS and scholarships.

star_empty_smallProvision of network contacts and other useful information through a service website.

star_empty_smallInternational networking in various associations and organizations, and through conferences.

Association of the Friends of the Braun Foundation

Association of the Friends of the Braun Foundation
Association of the Friends of the Braun Foundation

star_empty_smallConstruction of a lasting platform to discuss topics within the context of international educational exchange. In particular, highlighting theEducation Braun Foundation gateways between schools, universities, businesses and exchange organisations.

star_empty_smallPromotion of the theme of “Intercultural Competence” (e.g. through seminars, presentations, workshops, publications etc.)

star_empty_smallCo-Operations with those already working in the field of “Intercultural Competence” and support of projects in a concrete way.

star_empty_smallAttending events related to industry topics (e.g. the protection of young exchange programme participants, quality management or contingency planning).

star_empty_smallEstablishing a foundation prize, awarded for work related to intercultural topics.

star_empty_smallDiverse support programs.

star_empty_smallPublishing studies related to intercultural topics.

Business – For international companies and their employees working abroad

star_empty_smallExchange of information and experience on the topic of „Intercultural expertise“ (e.g. round tables, seminars, guest lectures, collaborative projects)

star_empty_smallMediation of third-party services, contacts and know-how in the preparation and support of expatriates and their families.

star_empty_smallEvents to promote exchanges with institutions in the field of education (e.g. in accordance with workshops, round table discussions, conferences)

star_empty_smallProvision of network contacts and other useful information through a service website

star_empty_smallInternational networking

kb_bb Who is taking advantage of is it for

star_empty_small Students
star_empty_small Graduates, Young Professionals, Trainees
star_empty_small Universities and Colleges
star_empty_small Employers
star_empty_small Exchange Organizations

kb_bb What are the offers of the partners worldwide?

star_empty_small Internships / Trainees / Work & Travel
star_empty_small Placements for students at universities in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany
star_empty_small Development of tailor-made exchange programs for universities and exchange organisations
star_empty_small Language Courses / Language Travel
star_empty_small Services around program and journey

kb_bb What makes so different and unique?

star_empty_small Program Finder: easy to handle, quick and reliable tool to find the exactly fitting program
star_empty_small Highly developed profile matching
star_empty_small We take over the workload for you, so that you will save time and money
star_empty_small Access to scholarship programs
star_empty_small serves as a platform consolidating interests and developing programs

Main Services

kb_bb For Applicants

star_empty_small With one application, you gain access to employers or universities.
star_empty_small Profile matching
star_empty_small Document checks, Help with your CV and letter of motivation
star_empty_small Visa service
star_empty_small Assistance with the applications of work and residence permits
star_empty_small Orientation, information and introductory events
star_empty_small Language courses

kb_bb For Employers

star_empty_small Access to a large range of highly qualified international interns
star_empty_small Profile matching including official verification of candidates’ qualifications
star_empty_small Full support, from candidate selection to the signing of a contract
star_empty_small Coordination of bureaucratic processes such as visa issuance, Residence permit, work permit
star_empty_small Orientation, information and introductory events
star_empty_small Intercultural Training and language courses for expatriates

kb_bb For Universities and Colleges

star_empty_small Placement Service, including check of the qualifications of the applicants,searching for summer sessions, semesters and complete studies.
star_empty_small Free of Charge development of tailor-made international internship programs including credit transfer
star_empty_small Organisation of such international internship programs by and its partners

kb_bb For Exchange Organizations

star_empty_small Consulting on the development of specialized exchange programmes for different target groups
star_empty_small Consulting on the development of new business areas in international educational exchangec

kb_bb For High-Schools

star_empty_small Free of charge development tailor-made international internships
star_empty_small Free of charge participation in Mailings and Newsletters