International_studentsStudies with university placement: Many thousands of high school students, university students and studying “professionals” take the time every year for the adventure of studying abroad in Europe and beyond. Often they are “free movers”, people who are looking outside of university partnerships for suitable training programs where lots of money and time has been invested in research.

Partner organisations offer their help to these types of people (from high school graduates to those in further and higher education).

With just one application, you gain access to national and international universities.

Procurement and verification of qualifications from candidates, the summer session, semester or full-time study: visa services, support for writing CVs, orientation sessions, language courses, intercultural training, flight booking.

A few examples from the wide range of international university placements:

The Anglo-American education systems offer in the various universities and colleges four main types of education programs:

  • Community College Programme:

    Up to two years of practical training leading to a foundation qualification (pre-bachelor’s) at a community college, polytechnic, institute of technology or other institute (two year college). Certificate of completion is an “Associate Degree” (USA only), “Certificate” or “Diploma” at different levels. In many cases, the qualification allows the student to transition into university education (four year college), and start in the third semester of a bachelor’s degree program.

    Accessible with a basic school leaving certificate.

  • Bachelor’s and master’s:

    University (4 year college) qualification in three or four years resulting in a bachelor’s degree with the possibility of extending to a master’s degree from 1 to 3 years. International students have the option to a “semester abroad”, a “year abroad” or be admitted to the entire study program. Accessible with a higher school leaving certificate or a vocational qualification.

  • Summer sessions or summer schools:

    3 to 10 week short, high-intensity university programmes for “credit” between June and September. The courses (up to several hundred) are a selection of the regular academic programme and offer the students the opportunity to improve on their work, as a taster of a new field, or simply the opportunity to gain credits faster and thus complete the qualification earlier. Often, the summer sessions are also used by working professionals as a way to further their education and to bring their scientific knowledge up-to-date.
    Accessible with a grammar school qualification.

  • Certificate and Diploma:

    an alternative to the standard programmes of bachelor’s and master’s, the “Certificate” and “Diploma” programmes are popular university courses which can last from three or four months to two or more years. When offered by the two-year colleges, they transfer seamlessly, at different levels, into the undergraduate bachelor’s programme. When offered by the universities (often under the heading of “Extension Departments” or “Continuing Education”), they allow more flexibility for professionals who already have a degree or have significant work experience (or both) to exchange programmes and acquire specialised knowledge which is not offered in the standard graduate programmes. Not infrequently, such courses are part-time courses held in the evenings and at weekends, or as part of internships with a “Study & Work” programme. The topics covered by these programmes are wide-ranging. The certificates obtained through these programmes are often the deciding factor for careers both outside and inside the university.

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InternshipPractical experience abroad, whether in Europe or overseas, is in many professions a must to get started, as well as to advance in a career. Gaining first-hand inside information is, for most careers in business and industry, science and art, an almost essential requirement.

With just one application you will gain access to national and international employers.

In many countries, there are several obstacles standing in the way of gaining practical experience at an internship or traineeship. Several of these you must overcome yourself (such as researching available internships, the application, travel arrangements). Several of these require nothing more than professional help, especially when you do not want to squander a lot of free time and money. Identifying the right internship plays a key role.

The services we can offer include the procurement of the correct visa, questions about social security and tax, dealing with authorities, booking flights, acquiring appropriate insurance etc. Finally, you should not forget to have a “backup service” in your host country, one that can deal with any problems related to your employer, the authorities and unions as well as emergencies of all kinds.

Based on years of experience, has developed, together with its international partners, internship programs that can address and solve all these problems.

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Language Courses

With just one application, gain access to national and international language schools.language class

Everything from one source: placement for all types of language courses, visa services, flight booking, accommodation. Development of individual language courses for various groups.

With  various partners, you can learn almost any language in almost any country. The following are a few specific examples from the wide range of language courses worldwide, from our standard programmes, which you can see on, directed particularly toward aspiring and finished graduates.

English on Campus:

  • Language courses for adults at colleges and universities

    Have you ever wanted to browse through the ancient library of a time-honoured Scottish University, experience the lively atmosphere of an American campus first-hand, feel the incomparable dynamism of one of the most respected universities in Australia and New Zealand, or brush up your English skills at a first class language school in a prime tourist location? Then it seems that in you have found the right address.

    Because of the confusing number of language schools that have arisen in recent decades, we have selected a range of institutions for you to choose from, mainly institutions of higher education in attractive locations, which have long been known for their outstanding teaching. In addition, we have selected a range of private schools we feel offer a similar quality of teaching to a university.

  • Learning and living on Campus

    As a language student at one of our partner universities, you have full access to all of the facilities that are available to local students: from the library and computer rooms with internet access to the sports and leisure centres, cinemas, theatres and cafeterias, which you will find on any typical Anglo-American University campus – a compact, fascinating new world for you to explore. In addition, the language institutes offer self organised excursions, social events and other possibilities for you and your fellow students to get to know the local ambience and learn the local culture.

  • Learn from professionals

    Also, with regards to the quality of language teaching, you will find that in selecting one of our partner universities, you have made the right choice: your teachers are not only trained in tried and tested techniques of teaching English as a foreign language, they also have many years of teaching experience. At many of the institutes these teachers teach not only English, but also carry out research in the field of foreign-language pedagogy. You can expect well structured and sophisticated learning and you can expect your language skills to develop rapidly.

    Language courses include almost everything usually designated as “General English” from beginners to experts as well as “Academic English” for students who wish to study at an English speaking university. This often involves preparation courses for the major English tests like TOEFL, IELTS and the Cambridge exam. Furthermore, there are many institutions which offer specialised language courses like “Business English”, “Medical English” and “Legal English” or even, for example, the exciting combination of English lessons with Art and Design. Theory and practice are combined into case studies that focus on the real worlds of work and life.

  • More than just learning English

    And not to forget: if you like, and if you have progressed far enough in English, you can of course take one or more full credit specialist courses at the University, with the exception of introductory courses, in preparation for a full degree program abroad or as an eligible qualification for studying and training at home.

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Since 1986 Harald and Gisela Braun, directors of the Braun Foundation, have built up a worldwide network in the higher education sector.

Become part of the network, benefit from the network effect and help us effectuating our vision.

Cross-Cultural Training

ICUnet.AG is the leader in service, innovation and quality for assignment management, relocation services, intercultural consultation, and qualification, with offices in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Passau, Stuttgart and Vienna. Over 80 permanent employees and more than 250 freelance employees make up an interdisciplinary team of specialists with expertise in more than 75 countries.

As an assignment management provider, ICUnet.AG has successfully coordinated over 5,500 foreign assignments and 2,500 visa and work permit applications for over 100 companies. As an intercultural consultation company ICUnet.AG is also able to provide all intercultural services associated with the assignment management process. This synergistic effect is unique.

ICUnet.AG has 23 DAX and 11 Euro Stoxx listed companies and over 250 family-run Hidden Champions of the European economy among its clients and invests continuously in research and development. Many awards attest ICUnet.AG’s innovative concept and company success.

Additional Services

  • Visa Service

    For all program participant we offer a reliable visa service together with our partner organisation

  • Cross-Cultural Training

    With increasing internationalisation, cooperation between business partners and colleagues from different cultures represents a key component of the success. The various areas can be combined flexibly with one another and are designed to suit the needs and level of knowledge of the participant. We would be happy to analyse your training needs and advise you in a detailed discussion.This guarantees that you receive a tailor-made solution.

  • Relocation Services

    The organisational support in all areas of relocation is of vital importance for quick integration in the new living and working environment. With relocation, immigration and payment services we make sure that your employee enjoys a smooth and trouble-free foreign assignment.

    This allows your employees to concentrate fully on company tasks, while we take care of everything else to ensure a successful start abroad.

  • Flight Arrangements

    Our travel partner STA Travel offers cheap flights around the world based on a group contract with Braun Foundation. STA Travel specializes in student tickets, youth tickets, round world trips, and has exclusive offers you won’t find anywhere else. With STA Travel, students and young people benefit from cheap and flexible fares.

  • Accomodation

    In most of the programmes the arrangmenet of the accomodation is standard service. In those case where this might not apply, we recommedn the offers of our partners Hostel world and HRS

Relocation Services

Intercultural Assignment Management matter where your specialists and executives take on an assignment – ICUnet.AG looks after your employees worldwide with tailor-made concepts in order to support them efficiently during their individual international

The organisational support of the assignee in all areas of relocation is of vital importance for quick integration in the new living and working environment. With our relocation, immigration and payment services we make sure that your employee enjoys a smooth and trouble-free foreign assignment.

This allows your employees to concentrate fully on company tasks, while we take care of everything else to ensure a successful start abroad.

International know-how

We offer our services worldwide thanks to our international network of more than 250 external consultants and 150 partners. The inter culturally trained consultants are particularly renowned in Germany.

They know how to  communicate with assignees, they are aware of the preferences and greatest challenges of the individual nationalities in the respective host country and are able to fully adapt to every one of them.