Projects – Tailor-made internship programs for universities, colleges, High School and Exchange organisations


star_empty_smallDevelopment of special and individual internship programs for universities, including ECTS and scholarships

For a multitude of degree programs an internship abroad has become a mandatory part of the academic studies.

There is already a huge number of good organisations, offering internship programs mostly coming along in a standardized form. Often such programs can not address the ECTS requirements.

The Braun Foundation for International Exchange supports universities to develop tailor made solutions for internship programs for their students. The successful completion of such a program guarantees addressing the ECTS requirements.

star_empty_smallHow does this work?

At the beginning there are meetings with the International Office and the directors of studies, so that we can learn more about the exact expectations and requirements regarding an internship abroad including ECTS questions. Once we have the complete information available, we will work on the concept for the individual internship program for your university.

After your approval the foundation will start to fill the program with all the necessary organizational content, meaning that together with the network partners of the foundation all of your expectations will be mirrored 1:1. Having everything in place, you can start promoting this program to your students as your own one in cooperation with the Braun Foundation for International Exchange.

Our services for your university will be free of charge as our foundation is committed to support with all efforts the international educational exchange.

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